Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's a sticky situation

Earlier today my Dad emailed me this fabulous photo. Oh, how I miss the Old LIRR trains.
They have far more character than the newer ones. With one quick glance you know by the the wear and tear that millions have had a the pleasure of being a passenger.
To me the duct tape wall says everything you need to know about the LIRR. A fast and easy fix. It wont last very long but for the time being it will do. Soon the tape will begin to disintegrate (thank you Trace!) and it will get sticky. Bags, pants, people will begin getting stuck. Mayhem will ensue. Suddenly the LIRR is not a friendly place.....but was it ever? Eventually the duct tape will fall off and the open gash it once covered will be exposed. Bringing the true nature of the LIRR into daylight. Once again the commuters know what they're in for, at least on the old trains. Not like the promising new trains with their modern style. Such a sly little fox the LIRR is.

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