Saturday, July 28, 2007

Full force!

This afternoon I received a message from my Dad who was stranded on a train just outside of Jamaica. There was a suspicious package on the platform that caused delays that lasted over an hour. The LIRR shut down.

While waiting for the train to move my Dad called the LIRR hotline to find out more information. When they gave him the details that he already knew he asked if they had a plan other than just sitting and waiting. Guess what.....they didn't! SURPRISE!!!!

I later received this email detailing the maddness at Jamaica once it was reopened:

When I got off the train at Jamaica to switch to the Hempstead train, I heard an announcement “ALL EASTBOUND TRAINS WILL LEAVE FROM TRACKS 4 AND 5”. “DO NOT DESCEND FROM THE WALKWAY TO THE PLATFORM UNTIL YOUR TRAIN IS CALLED.”

This was IMMEDIATELY followed by “TRAIN TO BABYLON LEAVING ON TRACK 6.” Of course, everyone believed the first message, ignored the second one, and had to go racing back up and across and then down because of the third. What a freak show. I had the bad luck to be in a car with a baby who was cranky, but worse, a woman sitting behind me who kept yawning loudly and humming some type of spiritual just loud enough to be annoying. And a loudmouth “business” man who must have called everyone he knew to tell them of his plight. Over and over and over.

I asked the booth guy “ Hempstead ?” He said “NEXT on track 5” Of course the neck train on 5 was to Ronkonkoma . I went back and said “ Hempstead ???” He said “NEXT on track 5. Oh. After the Ronkonkoma train.”

Oh how don't miss the LIRR!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Mmmmmta!

One morning a while back Beth and I were waiting for the N train to scurry us off to work. As luck would have it the N train was late. Whenever I try to get to work early a late train is always something I can count on. So as we're waiting I decided that I want to start referring to the MTA as the mmmmmmmmmmmmta! So far people like it!
This weekend there were no N/W trains going towards the city stopping at the my stop and a few others. I had to take the train heading towards Ditmars 2 stops to the Astoria Blvd stop and then catch a train to the city. Sounds simple.....right??? Certainly not!

The wait was long. The platform was crowed. People were angry. I had the joy of standing near some hipster that was far from being happy. He was on the phone and kept yelling that "we're not chaging our plans just because of a 20 minute delay!" and then "No, I'm not angry I just have spite." Let me tell you he was a joy.

The train finally showed up and we all ran on. We went the 2 stops and everyone ran off again. I was meeting Julia so I had to wait for her. The train to the city came within a minute which I thought was nice. But we missed it and had to wait some more. A trip that normally takes me 30 minutes on a bad day took almost an hour. But what can you do????? Well, look for track work is one thing and I didn't see any. At least it was only for this weekend!

The LIRR strikes again!


It's been a while and I apologize for this long lapse. And I can't promise it wont happen ;) This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of taking the LIRR home for a doctor's appointment. I was waiting patiently for the track to the 6:39 train to be announced. I hung out in the usual spot, near track 16 but something told me I would not be boarding on track 16. And....I was right!!! Soon after I arrived in Penn I heard the announcement no commuter wants to hear:

"Due to problems in one of the tunnels there are 5-10 minute delays. Please do not descend to track level until your track has been posted."

Dear god!!!!! i rarely take the LIRR these days and the past 2 times I've experience delays. Finally our track was posted....guess which one! Go on, I dare you! It was none other than deadly track 17! Go figure.
The massive crowd ran down to the track and then waited.....waited....waited....and finally the train arrived. At this point everyone's face had melted off from the intense heat but luckily the train was cool.
The ride itself wasn't bad and I was able to make a great dent in my new book. If there hadn't been delays it would've been a great train ride. Sadly, there are no great train rides when it comes to the LIRR.