Thursday, April 26, 2007

Summer is on its way!

This weekend I'm heading off to one of the most relaxing, fun, and best places on earth....the manse! It's a short ride to what is nothing but fun and nature. I'm very excited to get away from the city and the trains. I'm off to hike and have a great time. I'm sure we'll hit traffic on the way up. A different kind of commuting problem I know nothing about. But I have heard it can be a bitch.

My thought, at least you're in your own car and can play your music loud to help cope with going no where. I also think you have a better sense of control over your commute. Granted you don't have the power to clear up an accident or remove a few cars that are in front of you. But you have a better sense of what's going on, at least as far as you can see. When you're on a train how often can you see the train you're waiting to cross in front of you? Never. The fact that you have more power over how fast you can commute makes me a bit jealous. We all know the LIRR crawls along, I'm sure some times with good reason. When you're in a car it's different. I'm sure I'll get some heat from car commuters and I'll tell them ride the LIRR for a week and then talk to me. Hope the weekend is a good one for everyone!

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