Monday, February 26, 2007

It's winter time!

We all commuted through our second snow storm of the seaon today. In my opinion it was a much better commute than the first storm a few weeks ago. That was when I discovered that the MTA is just as bad with shoveling the subway steps and platforms as they are with the LIRR.

Slush and ice was everywhere! It's amazing more people didn't fall. I can understand not shoveling or salting if the storm strikes just at the beginning of a morning commute but when it's happened over night get your act together! I leave on the later side in the morning and with all the commuters that braved the trails ahead of me everything was patted down and slick as could be. My brother Jamie said it was pretty much the same for the LIRR.

I'd like to invent a quick melting salt that I can carry around in my pocket. When I see a patch of ice ahead of me I would toss and then walk over the melted ice. Jamie wants to walk around with a flame thrower, I think that's what he said. Either way he'd be melting the ice.

One day the monkeys that are running the MTA and LIRR will get their act together. And when that day happens you will see me running through the train cars rejoicing!

I'm back!

I have to say I've been somewhat ashamed of myself lately. I've turned into my worst commuting fear....I've become a limper! I've actually gotten much better over the past week. The Saturday of President's Day Weekend I took a mighty spill in my apartment. My ankle was bloody, bruised, and still is.

Last Tuesday was my first day commuting as a limper. I have to say I held my own. I didn't crawl up the stairs and I made sure there wasn't anyone behind me. If there was I moved faster or moved to the side to let them pass.

I suppose that some of the limpers that have angered me so much might have just been injured....but it was there attitude that really got to me. They're "I'm limping so you better deal with it" attitude that's what causes the hate.

Like I said, I'm still slightly gimpy but I've been doing well on the commute. The worst part is having to stand. It's a short ride but man, when your ankle hurts it's the longest ride in the world!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I made it!

I finally made it to work Thursday morning. After a few frantic phone calls from Julia and one I made to Beth I started what would I thought would be a horribly cold commute. I opted to try my regular station rather than walking to Steinway to catch the R train.

I was lucky. I waited about 2 minutes and a N train pulled into the station. It wasn't as crowded as I had anticipated, which was a nice surprise. Even better the train went into the city. Beth had told me earlier that she took the N to QueensBoro Plaza and had to transfer to the 7. After all the phone calls back and forth between Julia and work I managed to make it in on time.

The weirdest part about the whole morning was that earlier in the week I was thinking to myself what would happen if the train stopped working? How would I get into the city? After this fiasco Julia told me I'm now part of her carpool should the trains stop working. I also know that I leave late enough to miss most of the damage. And of course there's always the walk to the R........

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oh Dear!

The subways aren't running.......this will be an interesting morning commute!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Behold the beauty!

I was waiting for my train tonight and praying that the N or W would arrive before the R. It was a late night at work and with the chill in the air I wanted nothing more than to get home. Off in the distance I saw the light of a train approaching. My fingers were crossed as I peaked at the end of the track....there it was in all it's glory a NEW N train! I had seen these pass by on the opposite track early in the morning. I have even heard of friends riding them. But never before had I had the chance!

I pushed my way on to the packed and spotless train, grabbed hold of a pole and off I went. The electroinc voice bellowing in my ear about keeping the trains clean and safe, announcing the next stop and thanking me for riding with the MTA. It was a smooth ride. A crowded one, too many people for me to get a real sense of what the train is like. Although it was similar to the 4,5, and 6 lines. Those trains are so so for me. I think that there are less seats but I could be wrong.

I hope to ride the new train again sometime soon. It adds a little spice to the commute and makes me happy that there are no arm rests to rip apart my clothing!