Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tracks....Love that Place!

Tonight I dined at Tracks. The portobello burger was superb as always. The service fantastic and the atmosphere everything you could want. It was your typical night at Tracks until I went to use the restroom.

As I was wating for an open stall a bellow came from the one right in front of me.


I stiffled my laughter.


Trying not to burst out and fall to the floor.

The door swings open and the crazy lady busts out declaring the stalls are too small.

"God, it's like I'm Yukon Cornelius with this giant coat on!"

Then as I walked into the stall she yelled out - "Don't touch the seat!" Lady, I never thought of touching it.

I then heard her complain some more and it sounded like she had just knocked over another girl. Then as I was washing my hands her phone rang. She pulled it out of her giant jacket muttering "3 minutes exactly!" "What? You time me!?? What's wrong with you?" She finally moved out of the bathroom and proceed to yell at the person on the other end of the for the next 5 minutes smack in the middle of the dining area. Needless to say it was nice to be back in Penn amongst the crazies for a bit.

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Strongie said... Tracks night EVER!