Saturday, July 28, 2007

Full force!

This afternoon I received a message from my Dad who was stranded on a train just outside of Jamaica. There was a suspicious package on the platform that caused delays that lasted over an hour. The LIRR shut down.

While waiting for the train to move my Dad called the LIRR hotline to find out more information. When they gave him the details that he already knew he asked if they had a plan other than just sitting and waiting. Guess what.....they didn't! SURPRISE!!!!

I later received this email detailing the maddness at Jamaica once it was reopened:

When I got off the train at Jamaica to switch to the Hempstead train, I heard an announcement “ALL EASTBOUND TRAINS WILL LEAVE FROM TRACKS 4 AND 5”. “DO NOT DESCEND FROM THE WALKWAY TO THE PLATFORM UNTIL YOUR TRAIN IS CALLED.”

This was IMMEDIATELY followed by “TRAIN TO BABYLON LEAVING ON TRACK 6.” Of course, everyone believed the first message, ignored the second one, and had to go racing back up and across and then down because of the third. What a freak show. I had the bad luck to be in a car with a baby who was cranky, but worse, a woman sitting behind me who kept yawning loudly and humming some type of spiritual just loud enough to be annoying. And a loudmouth “business” man who must have called everyone he knew to tell them of his plight. Over and over and over.

I asked the booth guy “ Hempstead ?” He said “NEXT on track 5” Of course the neck train on 5 was to Ronkonkoma . I went back and said “ Hempstead ???” He said “NEXT on track 5. Oh. After the Ronkonkoma train.”

Oh how don't miss the LIRR!

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