Sunday, July 15, 2007

The LIRR strikes again!


It's been a while and I apologize for this long lapse. And I can't promise it wont happen ;) This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of taking the LIRR home for a doctor's appointment. I was waiting patiently for the track to the 6:39 train to be announced. I hung out in the usual spot, near track 16 but something told me I would not be boarding on track 16. And....I was right!!! Soon after I arrived in Penn I heard the announcement no commuter wants to hear:

"Due to problems in one of the tunnels there are 5-10 minute delays. Please do not descend to track level until your track has been posted."

Dear god!!!!! i rarely take the LIRR these days and the past 2 times I've experience delays. Finally our track was posted....guess which one! Go on, I dare you! It was none other than deadly track 17! Go figure.
The massive crowd ran down to the track and then waited.....waited....waited....and finally the train arrived. At this point everyone's face had melted off from the intense heat but luckily the train was cool.
The ride itself wasn't bad and I was able to make a great dent in my new book. If there hadn't been delays it would've been a great train ride. Sadly, there are no great train rides when it comes to the LIRR.

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