Monday, February 26, 2007

It's winter time!

We all commuted through our second snow storm of the seaon today. In my opinion it was a much better commute than the first storm a few weeks ago. That was when I discovered that the MTA is just as bad with shoveling the subway steps and platforms as they are with the LIRR.

Slush and ice was everywhere! It's amazing more people didn't fall. I can understand not shoveling or salting if the storm strikes just at the beginning of a morning commute but when it's happened over night get your act together! I leave on the later side in the morning and with all the commuters that braved the trails ahead of me everything was patted down and slick as could be. My brother Jamie said it was pretty much the same for the LIRR.

I'd like to invent a quick melting salt that I can carry around in my pocket. When I see a patch of ice ahead of me I would toss and then walk over the melted ice. Jamie wants to walk around with a flame thrower, I think that's what he said. Either way he'd be melting the ice.

One day the monkeys that are running the MTA and LIRR will get their act together. And when that day happens you will see me running through the train cars rejoicing!

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