Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm back!

I have to say I've been somewhat ashamed of myself lately. I've turned into my worst commuting fear....I've become a limper! I've actually gotten much better over the past week. The Saturday of President's Day Weekend I took a mighty spill in my apartment. My ankle was bloody, bruised, and still is.

Last Tuesday was my first day commuting as a limper. I have to say I held my own. I didn't crawl up the stairs and I made sure there wasn't anyone behind me. If there was I moved faster or moved to the side to let them pass.

I suppose that some of the limpers that have angered me so much might have just been injured....but it was there attitude that really got to me. They're "I'm limping so you better deal with it" attitude that's what causes the hate.

Like I said, I'm still slightly gimpy but I've been doing well on the commute. The worst part is having to stand. It's a short ride but man, when your ankle hurts it's the longest ride in the world!

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