Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Behold the beauty!

I was waiting for my train tonight and praying that the N or W would arrive before the R. It was a late night at work and with the chill in the air I wanted nothing more than to get home. Off in the distance I saw the light of a train approaching. My fingers were crossed as I peaked at the end of the track....there it was in all it's glory a NEW N train! I had seen these pass by on the opposite track early in the morning. I have even heard of friends riding them. But never before had I had the chance!

I pushed my way on to the packed and spotless train, grabbed hold of a pole and off I went. The electroinc voice bellowing in my ear about keeping the trains clean and safe, announcing the next stop and thanking me for riding with the MTA. It was a smooth ride. A crowded one, too many people for me to get a real sense of what the train is like. Although it was similar to the 4,5, and 6 lines. Those trains are so so for me. I think that there are less seats but I could be wrong.

I hope to ride the new train again sometime soon. It adds a little spice to the commute and makes me happy that there are no arm rests to rip apart my clothing!

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