Thursday, December 21, 2006

At certain times the LIRR comes through

Yesterday on the train Jennette had a hair raising experience:

I am sitting on the 5:19, snug and cozy, Ipod on, hands folded in my lap,eyes shut....then
Clunk clunk clunk all of a sudden a woman comes sprinting through my traincar. We weren't even at Forest Hills, she wasn't getting up to get off yet(my 1st stop is Merrrick) what could she be running from? After that woman about 80-100 people followed all muttering about a man with a gun a few cars back.

They said his behavior was very strange, he was singing and theycouldsee the gun in his back pocket. I think he was standing in the vestibule area. People were trying to keep each other calm. Nobody flipped, just scurried to get to another car. The guy next to me and I decided we should just remain calm and stay in our seats.

We thought they'd probably let him off at the next stop. Forest Hills passed, Kew Gardens passed, then finallywe stopped at Jamaica. There was not a soul on the platforms and no other trains were in the station. The doors opened for about 14 seconds, then quickly shut. We pulled out about 4 minutes leaving the man with the gun inthe arms of the NYPD. There was about 8 of them around him in a circle. The conductor made a few vague announcements, which I understand why, he didn't want people to get hysterical. He just said that we were stopping for Police Activity.


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