Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Back on the train

Last night was the first time I have take a peak rush hour train in months. I've still got it! I was on my way home to see my new baby nephew. William was only a few hours old when I entered the gates of hell....I mean Penn. I quickly manuvered through the crowd and purchased my one way peak ticket.

The looks I got once I boarded the croweded train were unreal. I felt their eyes burning into the back of my head. Somehow they knew I was no longer a regular. I took my seat, in a 4 seater b/c I had a large bag with me. Everything was fine even though we were crammed to capacity. The truly annoying thing was the wretched woman sitting diagonally from me. She was on her phone the entire time telling whoever it was that "you can't let him do that!" "You tell him!" I really don't want to know what she was telling him.

Even though Penn was at it's worst and the train was overflowing I didn't mind at all. I was so happy to see my nephew, who by the way is the cutest little boy ever, that I didn't care that I had to take the LIRR to see him. It was well worth the ride!

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