Sunday, December 03, 2006


My Christmas dreams have been dashed. The LIRR has failed me yet again, and I'm not even a regular anymore. I had high hopes of visiting home cost free thanks to the free tickets that I assumed were coming along with the December monthly. I was wrong, I had too much faith. Last year was probably and will be the only year that the LIRR gives a Christmas gift to it's loyal riders. Neither Jamie or Stephanie received free rides with their monthly. I'm sure it's because of the recent law suits and lack of a fare hike for next year. I guess the LIRR needs to save somehow. My 10 pass off peak ticket has become even more precious to me and I will ride the LIRR when neccessary.

I did take the LIRR yesterday, aside from having to wait at Jamaica for my connecting train it wasn't a bad ride. It was more crowded than I would've thought for 9:45 on a Saturday morning. I did manage to get seats to myself on both trains, which is good since I had my laundry with me.

While on the train I encountered the most annoying family alive. A mother, 3 bratty kids, and an old lady cart. The cart was too big to fit down the aisle so they left it near the door. Every time the train stopped and started the cart went rolling. They watched and argued about it. They did nothing until it hit someone in the arm. Finally one of the kids went to move it but he just put it back in the same spot! He did nothing, it rolled again! They are on top of the list of stupid commuters.

The lovely photo above was given to me by Jamie. It's the new Mineola train station. Looks jazzy.....but it would look better if the LIRR had given out 10 passes....sigh. This one hurts. I don't know if I'll get over this blow.....

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