Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

As 2006 draws to a close I would like to take this moment to reflect on this past year of commuting. There were many low points in the world of the LIRR. Overcrowding, delays on top of delays, shut downs, clothing being ripped, trains being cancelled, waiting at Jamaica in the freezing cold only to board a train that smells like breath. (I hate the smell of a crowded train...all those people breathing....yetch!!!!!!! and don't even get me started on used trains....shudder!) I have to say I'm happy to have gotten out of my commuting rut when I did.

My sister informed me that the LIRR tanks 3rd in the transportation systems for NYC. The only thing worse than the LIRR is the tiny rail that exists on Staten Island. Metro North is number 1, this I agree with. The subway is number 2. Since Staten Island doesn't really count the LIRR is the worst form of transportation in the area. No one is surprised.

The lovely banner was supplied by my brother. On the back is a 10% discount for Tracks! BEST CRAB CAKES IN PENN STATION!!!!!! If you haven't tried them yet go!!! They're located next to the ticket booth and McDonalds. Seriously, I love their crab cakes! I am on a quest to find the perfect crab cake and right now Tracks is winning.

On that note everyone have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope your commutes go well and thank you to all for your support and listening to me complain for hours and hours!!!

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