Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This entry is from New Years 2 years ago.....

I took the 1:46 train home with Erin because I was exhausted from the week's activities and whatnot. Usually new year's calls for the 3:49 home, but this year was different. This year we bailed early. It was almost a mistake, we were almost pulverized by fellow passengers.

For some reason the track was announced 20 minutes before departure.

Bad idea.

Stupid idea.

Worst idea ever.

Everyone was so drunk I was waiting for the bodies to start piling up on the tracks. Luckily no one fell off the platform. But when that train pulled up it was every man for himself. The crowd gathered at the door and when those doors opened people went down. Pushing began, shoving ensued, screaming was heard all throughout the station. I myself took part in the screaming as I was slammed up against the outside of the train. "What the hell is wrong with you people!!??" I bellowed. No reply. Just more shoving.

I made my way into the train, stepping over a person, for had I not I would soon become the one that was being stepped over. I found seats for me and Erin and settled in to watch the insanity continue. Everyone who was on the platform as the train pulled in was able to get a seat. There was no reason for the mob scene that occurred, none whatsoever. Those that arrived later on had to stand, which makes sense. Show up late on new years for a train you're going to stand. Deal with it.

And deal with it they did. I was in the musical car. There were a group of kids singing up a storm from oldies to music from today. It would've been a nice treat had they been able to carry a tune, but at least it made the ride go by. Sitting in front of me and Erin was a "man", she looked a lot like Lyndsey Lohan, but more butch. And her, she must've been a man before the operation. She kept flirting with a cop that was standing in the aisle. But her way of flirting was downright creepy, she just stared at him. She didn't even smile. I believe he smiled back out of fear. He probably thanked the lord that he was armed should she do anything drastic. Her pig friend, really...she looked like a pig, was terrified of the gun and kept moving away. Overall they annoyed me and Erin a great deal. We discussed this through Erin's text messaging, she had no voice to speak with. What a night! Everything calmed down after we changed at Jamaica. It became a smooth sailing from there!

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