Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Hush Falls Over the Train

I thought this morning would be a jam packed commute with everyone heading back to work after the holidays. My train was empty. I got a prime seat and there were still many empty seats before we even left Queens. Not only was the train empty it was quiet. You could hear a pin drop. No one was talking, coughing, yawning, or panhandling.....nothing. Suddenly right before my stop I had a coughing fit. I couldn't help it. I broke the silence. People glared but what could I do? There was no way I was going to stiffle my cough and choke for strangers.

Ib went through the same thing on the LIRR this morning. She too was on a silent train and was terrified of making a noise. Where is everyone!? Why was no one working today!? Are Ib and I chumps? Should we have been fast alseep in our cozy beds instead of on dirty uncomfortable trains? Maybe. Tomorrow will probably back to normal. Fingers crossed I get a seat! I don't mind standing but it's always a nice treat.

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