Sunday, January 21, 2007

Beware of the gap

I got off the phone a short while ago with my Mom and she was telling me that Newsday is running features on the LIRR and the gap problem in the most recent issues. (She's keeping these articles for me and I will scan them in once I have them)

The gap issue has always been there. I've always been cautious and have constantly brought up the trouble with Track 17. As it turns out many people have been injured by the large gaps. Not to mention how dangerous the platforms are in the winter when it snows. I remember too many times trying to avoid slipping on a patch of ice.

The gap hazards are finally being addressed due to a number of unforunate accidents in the recent months. Supposedly they are working on adjustments at multiple stations. As you can see from this photo signage is not the answer. This shot was taken by my Dad at the Flatbush station. When a train pulls in the "watch your gap" along the wall is blocked. What's the point!? I suppose one could say the LIRR is trying but they shouldn't have to. There should never have been an issue with the gaps. If the subways can handle it why can't the LIRR?

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