Monday, January 29, 2007

This little lady right here was the victim of ticket discrimination on the LIRR Saturday night. She had her January monthly ticket and was on her way to Flatbush. The conductor who punched the F for female was a little over zealous and went punch happy. For roughly 22 days Steph didn't encounter any problems, until the other night that is. She was informed by the conductor on the 6:14 train that her ticket was in fact not her ticket. The ticket she had belonged to someone else and she had to pay for her own. With months of commuting aggravation behind her she went off..."This is my ticket. I paid for it! I ride the LIRR every day to work!" Even when all of this was said the stupid conductor had his doubts. Finally Stephanie proved herself right and he went off to harrass more passengers. But he left Stephanie feeling angry and hurt. Just because it's the weekend and she's not in her work attaire does not mean she didn't purchase her ticket.
This happened once before, but the conductor was right. My Dad had borrowed my monthly ticket on a day I wasn't heading into the city. The conductor called him out on it not being his ticket. But he played it right and convinced this conductor that the F had been punched all month long and no one had noticed.
Due to the high cost of monthly tickets why can't they be shared amongst family members? Or why do you have to be harrassed just because you're not in a suit!

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