Monday, April 23, 2007

An apology??

This past January Penn Station shut down during rush hour. The close was so disruptive to the evening commute that I heard announcements in the subway system instructing commuters to go directly to Jamaica or to Flatbush for service.

At this time my brother, Jamie, was unforunate to be on a train that was delayed by almost 5 and half hours. (If you click on the January archives you can read more about his ordeal)

Days after the incident my cousin Chrissy found an apology on her seat. She was stunned. When has the LIRR ever apologized for a communication break down? Between the two of us neither could remember a time when the LIRR actually took fault for their actions, not to mention in such a public manner. In true LIRR fashion Chrissy finally sent me the rare apology. While I believe it is a nice gesture I hope that the LIRR never has to send another apology like this. I hope for all those who commute on a regular basis using the LIRR do not get stuck on a train for hours on end. I've been there, as have many LIRR riders, and it's awful. Fingers crossed as we approach summer that the heat doesn't cause any major disasters.

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