Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back on Track.....Unfortunately

Last night I had the unexpected pleasure of taking the 6:39 back to Long Island. This was one of my regular trains back in the day so I thought I knew what to expect. Unfortunately one of the tunnels was still flooded from Sunday's monsoon so there were 15-20 minute delays. This would've been better had the crowd not been so rowdy.

As I boarded the train two men cut me off and I almost fell down. Then once we're all inside the train the second man started screaming at the first man. Apparently the first man's umbrella got caught on the second man. In a fit of rage the second man got it off his jacket, screamed again, and then threw it to the ground. I quickly darted to one of the few remaining seats so I'm not sure if the first man ever got his umbrella back. I have a feeling he didn't, mainly because he would'be been trampled had he turned back and bent down.

After I was comfortable in my seat I turned on my Ipod and started reading, The Alienest....I recommend it. We sat for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes....finally we pulled out of the station. Once we were out of the tunnel we sat for another 5 minutes. Then my Ipod started acting funny. It stopped mid song for no reason.

Crap! I thought. I can't handle a delayed train ride home without my Ipod! I need to be fully entertained at all times.

I managed to restore it for another 2 songs but then the sad face appeared. I quickly texted Erin who called me back with the bad news. So on top of a long and boring train ride home I had to spend 2 hours last night restoring my precious Ipod. It better not stall out on my again.

Even though my Ipod was busted I was not without music for too long. The man sitting next to me was listening to music so loud that I was able to hear it. It wasn't my type of music, show tunes, but I'll take it!

Eventually I made it home a little more than a half hour late. I was tired, hungry, disgruntled, and ready to move my legs. It was one of the longest train rides I've ever had. Luckily my phone didn't die too because I was able to text Erin and my dear sister about the wretched train ride.

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