Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Behold the city at night

I know, I know another London picture. You're thinking....where's the commuting talk!? Where are the train stories!? Has the blog gone the way of the LIRR, downhill??

NO! It has not. I'm just merely sharing a great view of the fabulous city of London at night. This shot was taken from the ever popular London Eye.

To get to the London Eye Julia and I took one of the fancy buses that occupy the streets of the city. It was not a double decker bus, how I love those! Just a regular old bus. But clean and comfortable. I didn't get an icky feeling after getting off at my stop. I know the Tube is the major means of transportation for the city but I have to admit I really enjoyed the bus. It was faster than I had expected. And transferring was easy as pie! Traveling through the city by bus certainly made my trip all the more better. I recommend it, but also don't forget the Tube. It's a must see least to me!

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