Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Those Brits have got us beat! They have a fancy little Oyster card while we're living in the dark ages with our Metro Card. There card is a beautiful shade of blue that can withstand sitting in your back pocket all day and not breaking. It's stregnth is only matched by it's usability. So quick! No swiping just a tap and off you go!

The only downside to this beauty is that you have to tap it again before leaving the Tube. I'm sure had been in London for more than a few days I would've adjusted better. I felt panicked that I wouldn't be able to find my Oyster card in my bag. I sometimes have a habit of tossing my Metro Card it to the giant black hole of a bag I carry. Towards the end I caught on and was traveling not only in style but with speed I never dreamed of.

Another perk to the Oyster card is the cute little case you receive when purchasing your card. It's most excellent! I know the MTA would never hand such a luxury out. It would probably pain them too much to give us something so nice. I will forever cherish my Oyster card case and eventually my Metro Card will find its way into it!

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