Saturday, April 21, 2007

A night at the track

A short while ago a few of us ventured to Tracks for some fine dining and coverstation. Crab cakes were devoured and portobello burgers were savored. But there was a suprise guest...RUE! Otherwise known as Blanche from the Golden Girls. I was lucky enough to have been given a copy of her new and exciting novel earlier that day.

Together we read thrilling passages about her days in the business and learned a new phrase for the night: Slutpuppy. Sophia, that spunky little Sicilian, would call Blanche this sweet name. Eventually Slutpuppy evolved into Slutcheeks. Soon after this transformation we managed to clear out the tables near by. One lone woman eating nachos and sipping wine laughed at the entertaing tales of Rue's magical life in the biz. But Rue's life wasn't all Southern picnics and debutant balls she had her share of hard times, especially with the Italian (not Sophia but 1 of her 5 hubbies).

Rue aside this was one of my better nights at Tracks. Although, Gisel refused to listen to any of my suggestions and her mouth watered as soon as the crab cakes were placed on the table. Steph and I raved as we dug in.
As I always say anyone who wants the best crab cake in town head over to Penn Station and give me a call! Not to mention the Track fries are out of this world!

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