Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blast from the past

This was written a little over a year ago, 10/19/05 to be exact.

Last night I took the 7:54 train home to New Hyde Park. It was a ridethat was full of firsts for me. Moments after we exited the tunnel the train came to a screeching halt causing passengers to be thrust about. An announcement came over the loudspeaker "We're letting on supervision." Then there was a knock at the door. The two men standing near the door pried itopen and a loud bang was heard. A box was loaded on to the train. Next thing there was a person climbing into the train. As the conductor passed by he barely looked as he said "you're on board Steve." Steve was now on board. Apparently he couldn't make the train at Penn. Lord only knows what he was doing outside the tunnel in the middle of the night dressed in a suit, but we happened to be the train he was waiting for. Once Steve was on the train and we were moving again he took off his bright neon orange reflectivejacket and acted as if he had originally boarded on Track 21. He did not conduct any supervision.

Getting off the train was a harrowing experience. A man, not Steve,was blocking the doorway with a large red suitcase. His friend blocked the aisle as they talked. I was next to exit as the doors started to close. I ran through only to have the doors close on my arms and someone from behind pry them open and release me on to the platform. People were screaming curses as the doors continued to close on everyone who was left to exit the train. Someone was not paying attention and now my arms are a little sore.

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