Thursday, November 16, 2006

So happy it's not me

Earlier tonight I was talking to my dear sister who was complaining about her commute. She recently began taking the LIRR again after about a month long break. She hasn't readjusted to the LIRR, not that anyone ever can. She's in constant fear that she might fall through the gap. This is due to all the constant announcements regarding the gaps. She claims she's paying too much attention and that by focusing so much she just might slip through. If her train pulls in on the dreaded Track 17 she just might.

She also encountered a poppy man who was in dire need of a seat tonight. Apparently he didn't care that he was going to ride bitch. He approached her and asked if he could sit in the "dreaded middle seat" Steph thought that since she had her headphones on she was under no obligation to respond to him. I never did find out if he got the seat.

Yes, I've noticed I used the word dreaded twice in describing LIRR circumstances. Anyone who is a regular reader knows that I always refer to Track 17 as dreaded....sometimes deadly, but often dreaded.

Tomorrow I take the LIRR from Woodside. Fingers crossed it's on time and I don't miss my connecting train at Jamaica!!

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