Saturday, November 11, 2006

Delays halt fun!

From this past May, although judging by beautiful scarf that Erin is wearing in the photo was taken much earlier.

Saturday night Erin and I were off to celebrate her birthday in thecity. Unfortunately our celebrationwas delayed by almost an hour. We were waiting and waiting at Stewart Manor for our train to come. Announcements were made, but only for east bound trains. "There are no train running eastbound of Bellerose due to police activity."We heard this announcement a few more times before I got fed up and went into the station house for the complaint number.

I dialed and I actually got a real live person on the line! Brian tried to help me out the best he could. It was obvious he was not allowed to give out much information. I asked about the west bound trains and he said all trains were being held. I then told him that they should start making announcements for the west bound trains because no one at my station new what was going on. He told me he would "see what hecould do." I then asked how long this was going to take and he said "I can't answer that, it's up to the police."

Another 10 minutes went by when we heard a rumor that all trains on the main lines were cancelled. I quickly called my pal Brian. I asked if all the trains were shutdown and he gave me the run around. Finally I asked about the Long Beach branch, they were up and running. I quickly called my dad to see if he could drive us over to the Valley Stream station. We were on our way to meet him on the other side of the tracks when we were attacked by bees and stopped by a woman asking what was going on. Just as we were about to head to the underpass the tracks wentdown and the train came in to the station.

I was angry, we were leaving 40 minutes late and Brian failed with having announcements made for the west bound trains. As our conductor checked our tickets I found out what happened. Apparently there was a person on the tracks at Floral Park and the police had to get them off the tracks. I was shocked that he actually told us whatwent on! Normally the response is nothing more than police activity. Needless to say we made it in to the city and were able to meet up with the group. A good time was by all that night despite the drama in getting there.

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