Wednesday, November 22, 2006


This past Friday I took the LIRR home so I could bake some goodies for our housewarming party. I caught the 9:50 train from Woodside. It was on time.....and ANNOUNCED! Usually when I take the train from Woodside you hope it's the right train. It's very rare that they announce what line and what stops are being made.

I was the only person in my car and I happened to be sitting across from the conductor. She was eating her breakfast and reading the paper. Right before we approached Jamaica another conductor appeared. As Dr. Cox would say, he was a Newbie. It was his 4th month on the rail and he was still taking classes. The old timer mocked him "what you can't punch your tickets correctly?" For each type of ticket there is a different punch....WHAT!? I never knew this, I just thought each conductor had their own fancy shape.

They talked for a while and the old timer was giving him the heads up and lots of encouragement. His shift had started at 2:30am and was going until 1pm. Long day but in their words "at least you're making the money." He was also told not to let anyone jeopardize his job. Should have to kick someone off the train he should do it. No drunk slob is worth the loss of a job. I found this interesting. I wonder if there are repercussions for the conductors on the drunk trains?? That just reminded me of a great trip home one night where someone was kicked off. I must fine that entry and post it!

Tonight I am taking the train from Woodside again. I want to avoid the madness at Penn. I'll be going home after the intense rush and will hopefully get a seat. If not at least I'll have a decent standing area since it will be well after 4.

Happy commuting and Happy Thanksgiving!

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