Tuesday, November 07, 2006

First post ever!

Friends Hello!

This is my first time writing since my last official morning commute on the LIRR. Let me tell you getting home that night was one of the worst commutes I had in a long time. They threw everything at me, I think to remind me of what I needed to move. Since I've moved to the greater land of commuting by subway I have taken the LIRR. There was yelling, people storming out of their seats, old ladies getting lost, and people being as stupid as always. I can't say I miss the LIRR at all. Although I do feel like a spy when I ride now. I'm not a regular, but I know the routine. I like to think it scares conductors when I reply with I know. I've got one up on them and my off peak 10 pass.

Life on the subway has been great. It's a 25 minute commute door to door!! Last night I left work at the same time I would for the 7:05 train. I was in my apartment door by 7pm! I never dreamed of being home that early. What a special treat!

This is all for now. I will get this blog up to speed and figure out archives and photos. Until then Happy commuting!

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